11.10.2011 The Scrams : Chimp Necropsy

AMSCRAY is here! I.B.N. remixes The Scrams. I threw all of my tricks at this one, the kick drum won. Free download.

AMSCRAY: The Scrams Get Scrambled


08.28.2010 KMFDM : Godlike 2010

Had a great time teaming up with Prong to remix KMFDM's seminal track "Godlike" for the song's 20th anniversary EP. Get in your pre-order (only 1000 copies will be sold) or download the mp3 files immediately by clicking the banner below.

KMFDM Godlike 2010

04.26.2010 blacker than the foulest witch.

IBN has released "Remixing the Bloodwhore." It's a free download, and probably the only black metal remix record you'll need this year.

seismologist took a "the orb" approach and reconstructed the opening track. Check it on myspace, or download the whole album.

Remixing the Bloodwhore

12.17.2009 KMFDM : KRIEG

KMFDM has put final touches on their new remix record "KRIEG." The collection features mixes from lots of industrial heavyweights, and a few surprises from Prong, Pop Will Eat Itself and yours truly. Pre-release bundles are on sale now at the KMFDM store.


hit the seismologist page on myspace for a clip of Potz Blitz! (Harmonic Tremors Mix)

08.28.2009 Sex-O Mixxx-O pre-sale.

$25 t-shirt/cd/bumper sticker bundle. Nice.
Get it here.

presale sex-o mixxx-o




Seismologist is the dub-soaked blanket of Dan Kirkhus; ex Salvo, Deacon Stilt and Girder. Originally conceived as a catch-all for overflow from other projects, it somehow grew legs and started walking on its own.



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